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Watertight Battery Holder - 3 X Aa Prototyping Promotion

Watertight Battery Holder - 3 x AA

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Description: The watertight battery holder holds 3 AA batteries and has o-ring seals at both ends. It also has a universal mounting that can either strap to a pole (such as a bike frame) or screw to a flat surface. It has 2 pairs of power leads coming from the main body and two mating connectors as shown in the picture. There is a plug that seals one of the leads if you only plan on using one.

Batteries not included.


  • Holds 3x AA batteries
  • Watertight main body
  • 2 power leads with watertight connections


  • Main battery holder
  • 2 power leads with connectors
  • 1 plug for weather sealing unused connector
  • 5 zip-ties


[Product pictures and description are courtesy of Sparkfun.com]

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