Solder Wick #2 25ft. - TechSpray – Zero Ohm Electronics
Solder Wick #2 25Ft. - Techspray Hardware Equipment

Solder Wick #2 25ft. - TechSpray

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What is Solder wick? As a beginning, this product is composed of copper threads braided together, and in order to help the solder flow from where it’s not supposed to be to the wick, flux is added. That’s why, this is also known as desolder braid.
This basically means that anything can be soldered; in addition to that, Solder wick is a part of a very large process. This wick is 0.055" (size #2) wide and 25ft long. The bits of wick can't be reused when you use it but 25ft should last you a pretty good while (a year or so)

Sparkfun's SMD Soldering Tutorials This link right here shows how to use a wick. Now available in Dubai, UAE, Oman, and Qatar.


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