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Rfid Button - 16Mm (125Khz) Sensors

RFID Button - 16mm (125kHz)

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RFID button is greatly used in sensing presence, identification, and these kinds of aspects. Some great characteristics include the following:
• Thumbnail-size RFID tag (can even be sewn into clothing or put into enclosures)
• Comes with a unique 32-bit ID code and is not reprogrammable
• Carrier frequency of this tag is 125 kHz, which makes it perfectly working with ID-2, ID-12 and ID-20 RFID readers.

It has also been tested with one of the ID-12 readers and measured a maximum read distance of about 32mm, which is fascinating really.


  • 32-bit unique ID - non-reprogrammable
  • 125kHz read frequency
  • EM4001 ISO based RFID IC
  • Manchester encoding


  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Thickness: 1.85mm

[Product pictures and descriptions are courtesy of Sparkfun.com]

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