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Photo Transistor T1 Radial

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This phototransistor comes in a small size (3mm diameter) which is what helps it being functional at a high level of preciseness. The power dissipation, voltage, current, all those things it provides having specific ranges and measures are extremely helpful and useful. Get it now! Not to forget, it is very cheap too!


  • Size: 3mm diameter
  • Forward voltage: 5.0V
  • Forward current: 30mA
  • Wavelength: 800nm
  • Power dissipation: 150mW
Specification Value
Family RPT-38
Maximum Light Current 2000uA(Min)
Maximum Emitter Collector Voltage 5V
Maximum Rise Time 10000ns(Typ)
Maximum Fall Time 10000ns(Typ)
Maximum Power Dissipation 150mW
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage 0.4V
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage 32V
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Mounting Through Hole
Type Chip
Pin_Count 2
Supplier_Package T-1
Specification Value
Package Material Silicon
Product Width 3.4mm
Product Height 5.2mm
Product Length 3.4mm
Product Type Phototransistor
Half Intensity Angle Degrees 72°
Number of Channels per Chip 1
Phototransistor Type Phototransistor
Polarity NPN
Peak Wavelength 800nm
Maximum Collector Current 30mA
Maximum Dark Current 500nA



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