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Op Amp Quad Gp ±18V 14-Pin Pd

OP Amp Quad GP ±18V 8-Pin PD

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The TL071CP is a low-noise JFET-input general-purpose Operational Amplifier incorporates well-matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The device features high slew rates, low-input bias and offset currents and low offset-voltage temperature coefficient. The low harmonic distortion and low noise make the TL07xseries ideally suited for high-fidelity and audio pre-amplifier applications. Offset adjustment and external compensation options are available within the TL07x family.


    • Low power consumption
    • Wide common-mode and differential voltage ranges
    • Low input bias and offset currents
    • Output short-circuit protection
    • 0.003% Typical low total harmonic distortion
    • Vn = 18nV/√Hz Typical at f = 1kHz low noise
    • High-input impedance - JFET input stage
    • Internal frequency compensation
    • Latch-up-free operation
    • 13V/µs Typical high slew rate
    • Common-mode input voltage range includes VCC+

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