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Ltc4150 Coulomb Counter Breakout Sensors

LTC4150 Coulomb Counter Breakout

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Hmmm.. We’ve all seen devices that inform us about the distance we’ve crossed such as Odometers used in cars, but doesn’t this raise questions in your head about having a similar device for other things? Such as electrical current for example? Well my friends, everything starts with an idea, and working on that idea makes it happen in reality! The LTC4150 Coulomb Counter does that for you.
What is a coulomb exactly? It’s basically equivalent to saying that one amp equates one second. The current that the sensor of yours is using is constantly being monitored through it and it gives a pulse after specific amp-hours of usage.
Follow the following instructions in order for you to know more about using it: Firstly, There are headers labelled as IN and OUT that are located at one end of it, therefore, get you power supply or battery, and gently connect it to the IN header, you could also use a JST battery connecter since they’re the same, on the other hand, the OUT header is used for connecting it into your project. There are 6 pins located at the other end, use them for connecting the microcontroller and include VIO (Voltage Input), INT (Interrupt), POL (Polarity), GND (Ground), CLR (Clear), and SHDN (Shutdown), and last but not least, the breakout between your power source and your circuit needs to be installed in order for the current to be passed through the counter and furthermore, gets measured efficiently.


  • Operating Voltage: 2.7V - 8.5V
  • Operating Current: 1A
  • Indicates Charge Quantity and Polarity
  • ±50mV Sense Voltage Range
  • 32.55Hz/V Charge Count Frequency
  • 1.5μA Shutdown Current


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