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Led Rgb Strip - Addressable Sealed (1M) Components Promotion

LED RGB Strip - Addressable, Sealed (1M)

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Description: Gone are the days that you have to worry about silicone weather proofing splitting and breaking on you! These are sealed addressable 1 meter long RGB LED strips that come packed with 60 WS2812s per meter. Each of these strips are enclosed by a flexible silicon jacket with an IP65 waterproof rating to protect your precious WS2812 LEDs. You will be able to control each LED RGB individually giving you the ability to create cool lighting effects for your car, fish tank, or perhaps under cabinet lighting in your kitchen!

Note: These come in 1M segments on a reel. They are preterminated with 0.1" spaced 3-pin connectors as well as a 2 wire power connector, as shown in the pictures.


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