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Flora - Wearable Electronic Platform: Arduino-Compatible Wearables For Your Hobbies

FLORA - Wearable electronic platform: Arduino-compatible

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The FLORA family also has the best stainless steel threads, sensors, GPS modules and chainable LED NeoPixels, perfect accessories for the FLORA main board.

We suggest one of our micro-lipo chargers if you want to use LiPo batteries with FLORA. FLORA has onboard power switch connected to 2A power FET for safe and efficient battery on/off control.

The FLORA has an onboard 3.3v 150mA regulator with a protection diode and USB fuse so that the microcontroller voltage is consistent and can power common 3.3v modules and sensors.

FLORA is extremely beginner-friendly - it is difficult to destroy the FLORA by connecting a battery backwards due to polarized connector and protection diodes.

FLORA is currently using our bootloader and Adafruit USB vendor ID.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 45mm round x 7mm thick/ 1.8" round x 0.3" thick
  • Weight: 4.7g

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