Digital Potentiometer 256POS (MCP4151-104E/P) – Zero Ohm Electronics
Digital Potentiometer 256Pos (Mcp4151-104E/p)

Digital Potentiometer 256POS (MCP4151-104E/P)

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The MCP4151-104E/P is a Digital Potentiometer with volatile memory. It offers a wide range of product offerings using an SPI interface. This family of device supports 7-bit and 8-bit resistor networks and potentiometer and rheostat pin-outs. The terminal B is the fixed connection to the zero scale wiper value and terminal A is the fixed connection to the full-scale wiper value of the digital potentiometer. It comes with the resistor ladder; it is a series of equal value resistors (RS) with a connection point (tap) between the two resistors. The total number of resistors in the series (ladder) determines the RAB resistance. The end points of the resistor ladder are connected to analogue switches which are connected to the device Terminal A and Terminal B pins. The RAB (and RS) resistance has small variations over-voltage and temperature.


  • Potentiometer or rheostat configuration
  • Zero scale to full-scale wiper operation
  • High-speed read/writes to wiper registers
  • Resistor network terminal disconnect via shutdown pin (SHDN) and terminal control (TCON) register
  • Supports split rail applications
  • Internal weak pull-up on all digital inputs
  • -3dB Wide bandwidth operation
  • 75R Typical low wiper resistance
  • Up to 12.5V high-voltage tolerant digital inputs
  • 1.5V Typical brown-out reset protection
  • 2.5µA Typical serial interface inactive current

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