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10K Precision Epoxy Thermistor - 3950 Ntc Sensors

10K Precision Epoxy Thermistor - 3950 NTC

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When it comes to measuring things, we search for the most efficient way possible to do that, but what if you find something that gives this result you want while having a very inexpensive price? This product does that for you. It measures damp things whether it was in liquid or weather such as in air conditioners, water lines and much more as long as the temperature doesn’t get higher than105 °C; it’s basically an epoxy-coated precision 1% 10K thermistor.

Also, don’t forget that the resistance keeps going up as it gets cooler.

For specific temperature-to-resistance, check the lookup table.

We have a great detailed tutorial on how thermistors work and how to use this one best!

    • Resistance at 25 degrees C: 10K +- 1%
    • B25/50 = 3950+- 1%
    • Thermal time constant <= 15 seconds
    • Thermistor temperature range -55 °C to 125 °C
    • 28 AWG PVC Wire


    • Diameter: 3.5mm/0.13in
    • Length: 18in/45cm

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