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What are Zeroohm courses?

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Hey people,

We are writing this post to address a question we always get from the online electronics community:

What do Zeroohm provide?

To make it simple, we provide a hands-on electronics education (training and workshops) via inhouse developed materials. The training/workshops includes:

  1. Arduino Workshops
  2. Raspberry Pi Workshops
  3. Electronics Workshops
  4. IoT Workshops
  5. Soldering Workshops
  6. Tailor made

So, we will provide trainings to get you started or discuss more advanced topics as per your needs.


Let's show you some examples of what we did to give you an insight:

Zeroohm Electronics provided an excellent training on Arduino and Raspberry Pi to some engineers of the government sector. The training covered the basics of Arduino to more advanced topics as well as Raspberry Pi systems and the associated IoT introductions.

For example, we helped the engineers to:

1. Learn about Arduino microcontroller

2. How to use Arduino to control LED's, motors, sensors and actuators

3. How to communicate wirelessly using Arduino systems

4. How to use Raspberry Pi systems as an IoT platform and connect to social media

Here are a few pictures of the event.


 Minister of Infrastructure Development H.E. Abdulla Belheef Alnuaimi and his undersecretary visiting Zeroohm porvided training for their team



Our Cheif Technology Officer Eng. Muaz explaining more concepts to the engineers of Ministry of Public Works.


Another training was conducted on 3D printing, laser cutting and molding at our partners origin base.

We started with explaining the concepts of 3D printing, 3D scanning, what are the potentials of 3d printing and the challenges.


The fine engineers are learning more about 3D scanning and its applications. Ofcourse, all is done hands on.



Actual 3D printing on site happening.


and some laser cutting and molding awesomness


And a hands on laser cutting training for the engineers to help them do new things with less constrains.

3D printing and laser cutting are tools of the future, they tools will help engineers and innovators to build new innovatie designs for sure.


B. Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014, 2015 and 2016

Zeroohm Electronics provided many trainigs in Abu Dhabi Science Festival on the basics of renwable energy and nuclear radiation in Abu Dhabi.


The training on renewable energy involved Zeroohm developing a complete training package of the training material, electronics needed, training of ground staff and proper delivery.


A memeber of Zeroohm team explaining the concepts reneawable energy through interactive electronics and sensors.



Another training on radiation protection involved Zeroohm developing a complete training package of the training material, training of ground staff and proper delivery.


Zeroohm team memeber explaining the radiation protection workshop to the media


For Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2016, we have conducted a customized electronic circuit training for the children to have a build a basic understanding of circuits, electronics, Jumper wires, LED's, switches, breadboards and more.



C. Innovator show 2014, 2015 and 2016

Zeroohm provided numerous trainings for Innovator show especially on Soldering. In this training, we provided hands on expirence for soldering circuits that perform an action once the students are done.


Zeroohm Team member explaining the concepts of soldering to curious school students.



Excitied attendess from local universities in UAE attending Zeroohm soldering workshop


D. Zeroohm workshops

In Zeroohm independent electronics workshop, we discuss more advanced topics by our in-house experts. We cover microcontrollers, Arduino, RaspberryPi etc..


Here is a picture of Zeroohm independent workshops on Arduino


A picture of some participents of one of our Arduino workshops


Another Zeroohm training on microcontrollers


One of many Zeroohm sponsorships to support electronics education in the UAE.


Here another Arduino workshop that was held on March 11th 2017.


In this post, we tried to give an idea about some of the trainings and courses we provided in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, RAK, Fujirah, Alain etc..) We have many other trainigs that were done in universities, schools and organizations on Raspberry Pi, microcontrollers, wireless communication and many others...

Click here to contact us for any inquires.


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