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Learn how-to build a touch screen computer for your car using Raspberry Pi

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Have you ever wish to have a touchscreen in your car like Tesla's. Well it's your lucky day. In this tutorial I'll show you how to build a system which is very low cost and  very easy to build. Also, it doesn't need any special, hard to find special tools.

The objective of this tutorial is to make a simple and easy-to-build computer system based on Raspberry Pi. It doesn't require extraordinary components or tools and you can also build it with practically zero Knowledge on the Raspberry Pi.

The touchscreen is capacitive which is perfect for our project.The PiComputer works on a Raspberry Pi Model B which runs Xbian, a variant of XBMC made for Raspberry Pi. The PiComputer has the ability to browse pictures,play music, play games and watch videos.



    1. Assemble the touchscreen as show in the pictures below.

    Connect the display to the back of Adapter board.


    Fix the adapter board into the back of display with 4 x standoffs.


    Connect the touch screen ribbon cable into J4 of adapter cable.

    Setting up Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display

    Connect 5V and GND pins of adapter board to some jumper wires. Then the DSI ribbon cable to adapter board.


      2. Connect The Raspberry Pi with your screen.


      3. Connect pin-2 and pin-6 of  Raspberry Pi to the 5v and Ground jumper wires respectively.


      4. Set Up the Raspberry Pi.

      This step can be tricky, because the steps changes depending on what type of computer you have, Windows 7, 8, Mac, or Linux. But instead of felling this tutorial with easily obtainable knowledge, this link is a tutorial from the Raspberry Pi team themselves.

      You can download Xbian from here.

      Once you downloaded and prepared you SD card, insert it to your Raspberry Pi and power the raspberry pi using any microB 5v power supply you have (your smartphone charger can do the job).

      Once it powers you should see your XBMC interface.


      5. Configuring the touchscreen.

      • Plug in a keyboard and access the terminal by selecting the "exit" option.
      • Sign into the Pi. Username is "xbian" and Password is "raspberry".
      • Type { sudo stop xbmc } then hit enter.
      • Type { wget }
      • Once it finishes running type type { sudo sh } and follow the on screen instructions to calibrate the touch screen.
      • Once done, type { sudo reboot } to restart your Raspberry Pi.

      6. Install your System in your car as you see fit. Maybe you can place it instead of your radio. You can you your radio 12v power with the help of a simple car charger and power your Raspberry Pi.

      And Here you have it, your own touchscreen car system.


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