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Camera Boost by Tim Pelling

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Tim Pelling was kind enough to provide us with the information on this post. Thank you Tim ^^


Camera Boost


  1. What am I trying to do:

My aging Canon 450D can only do 10 shot sequences and 3 exposure brackets.

Using my RPi, an Adafruit 16x2 (all purchased before I discovered ZeroOhm), GPhoto2 and a rechargeable USB battery I can now do timelapse up 1000 shots, and up to 13 shot brackets.

Additionally the RPi is running a web-interface (not shown) which allows me to review the captured photo’s on my iPad over WIFI.

  1. Technical description:

Notes (if any)

Raspberry Pi


USB Wifi Dongle


Adafruit 16x2


Adafruit WebIDE



The version available from the RPi repositories is extremely out of date.  Compiling a later version with Canon 450D support and resolving all dependencies would have been painful – fortunately as usual someone on the web already had the answer, a script that automated the process … but I lost the URL ;o)

Next step:

To do list:


Run gphoto2 in commandline mode in a spawned process

Currently the minimum interval between shots is over a second and the http interface is very slow.  This is because I am calling discrete gphoto2 commandlines for each action – which requires reinitializing the USB interface to the camera every time … slow.  Running GPhoto2’s cmd interface (a bit like FTP) in a separate thread would speed things up and also allow me to avoid conflicts between the various functions.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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