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Zeroohm Training on 3d printing, laser cutting and molding

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Last week, Nov 13-17, 2016, Zeroohm Electronics provided a week long training for some excellent engineers from the public sector in Dubai. The focus of the training wasn't technical as much as it was to encourge the attendees to learn more of what could be done with current technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, molding and what could be done with integrating these skills. The training was done at origin base  the company that operates the first maker space in the region (located in Dubai, UAE).


The training started with an introduction to 3d printing technologies by excellent intstructors as you could see from the pictures below.


Of course, no laser cutting or 3d printing course is complete without 3d Scanning. We provided a training course as well for how to scan, troubleshoot and fix typical issues in 3d printing.



After the 3d printing and scanning training, we took the engineers into a laser cutting crash course where they learned about the laser cutting and more skills on 3d printing. All of this was done hands-on.



As you could see, all our trainings are heavy hands-on. We believe that the easiest way to learn is by practicing and doing.



Want to learn about 3d printing? Laser cutting? Molding? or electronics or raspberry pi ?

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