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Zeroohm - Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2016

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Zeroohm as a committed training provider to Electronics and Innovation is always present in educational events in UAE to leave an impact. We hope to encourge the youth to think of what could be done with electronics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE in general. In ADSF 2016, we have focused on providing hands-on, expiremental, practical and simple to help the students learn how to utilize electricity and how to recognize the basic elements of a circuit.


Here is our eng. Momen providing the necessasry pre-training explanation for the children on electronics circuits


At first, we educated our students to learn about electricity, the basic elements of a circuit and components and how can we engineer electricity. Then, we took the students through a process of implementing the needed tasks to build a circuit.



Here we have an excited student sharing what he learned about electronics with everyone.

After we are done with the workshop, we ask the students to prepare a simple drawing to express what they learned.



Thanks ADSF for mentioning us.


We hope that we made a change into the students' lives who joined our workshops. The workshops in Abu Dhabi Science Festival focused on educating the public about electronics and how can we control electricity to do what we want with simple and easy to understand circuits specifically designed by Zeroohm for Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

We provide, also, training on Arduino Programming , Raspberry Pi Programming systems or tailor made.

If you have any training inquiry, please contact us. Click here to contact Zeroohm Electronics.

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