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Zero Ohm's Consulting Experience

Posted by Momen Odeh on

Do you have any project or idea and you Don't know how to implements it ? Zero Ohm can help you. Zero Ohm offers a various number of consulting services in industrial and commercial level electrical systems. We can Provide you we Custom made systems in the following Fields:

  •     Monitoring Systems.
  •     Controlling Units for Industrial and/or Personal usage.
  •     Online Date transmission for monitoring and control purpose.
  •     IoT applications.
  •     Home Automation.
  •     Open Source Electrical Devices.

Let's show you some examples of custom made projects that we did to give you an insight on our services:

1- Pump Monitoring System:


This Image Represents the first version of the Pump Monitoring System of a the building. The system detects the status of the pump and computes the running time of the pumps. Furthermore, the system has it's own User Interface in which you can see weather the pump is running or not, whether the pump is malfunctioning and the total running time of the pump. The system also is linked to the maintenance email and sends automatic emails for both protective and corrective maintenance times. Finally the system uses GPRS date connection to connect to the internet.


The User Interface of the Pump Montoring System.


The second version of the system, where the GPRS Data connection was replaced with a mobile router for fast connectivity.


2- Green House Control:


The User Interfacee of the firt version of the Greenhouse Control Unit.


These Images shows a solar powered green house automatic control unit with User Interface. The system allow it's user to control the temperature, humidity and watering times of the plants according to seasons, all through a friendly, easy-to-use user interface. And on top of monitoring the temperature and humidity, the system monitor and displays the water level in all tanks.


To Request Our consulting Services:

  • Eng. Momen Odeh
  • email: support [at] zeroohm [ . ] com
  • Mobile: 056 488 47 93
  • Tel. 04 366 16 91

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