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Want to help the community?

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Do you want to share your knowledge with the people in UAE and GCC to make

it a better place ?



Then, how about you share with us your knowledge on electronis, electrical engineering, IoT or communication in some articles?


It is easy! Just follow this simple process:

1. Pick a topic related to electronics or electrical engineering

2. Write about it - in a word file (.docx, .doc, .rtf etc..) format

3. Send it over to us (modeh [at] zeroohm [dot] com)

4. We will publish it!


Just to give an idea, here what we recommend for a written or a video format.



Summary of recommended types of articles or Videos
Tutorial: Pick a topic you like and write about it to teach someone who's in a pinch
Inspire: Write an inspiring article to help others to navigate in the challenging engineering realm!
Review: Have you used a chip that you really liked? Why don't you tell others more about it?
Others: Do you have a specific topic that you want to share with us? Please, keep it related to electrical engineering!


Feel free to contact us for any inquires

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