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Zero Ohm - Private Individual Training Sessions

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Welcome to Zero Ohm’s Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Python Training series

Get a kick-start in the programming and prototyping world with Zero Ohm's Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Python in a Private Training session face to face with the Trainer. The Session gives you the opportunity to learn programing and prototyping through a series of simple experiments like controlling LEDs, reading sensors, display information on a screen, drive motors, and more. This Program is the perfect choice of beginners to start creative prototyping with Python, Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi by learning how to program with each one and recognizing their applications.


The Arduino Session will include the following: 

1. Level 1: Get Started with Arduino by Sparkfun Inventor Kit.
2. Level 2: Arduino with Sensors and Motors.
3. Level 3: Arduino and Wireless communication.


The Raspberry Pi Session will include the following:

1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi.

2. Analog Inputs/Output In Raspberry Pi.
3. Wireless Communication in Raspberry Pi.

Programming Foundations with Python

  1. Python - Basic Syntax
  2. Variable Types:
  3. Decision Making - IF Statement
  4. Python – Loops
  5. Python - Date & Time
  6. Python - Functions
  7. Python - Modules
  8. Python - Files Inputs
  9. Project: Turtle

Price: 150 per/hour. 

1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi

2. Analog Inputs/Output In Raspberry Pi

3. Wireless Communication in Raspberry Pi

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